Wine, Watercolors and a Thank You For Support

Sometimes you just have to do a little bit MORE than verbally thank those that offer their hand in support. I had no idea until recently how nice it is to be really supported by people, (and how hard it is to get that support). I have a new found respect and compassion for anyone trying to fight through the noise and spread their talent. It’s hard and it can be lonely, it can be frustrating and until you have tried to do it, it’s hard to understand just how hard it is – but keep going.


I love my brushes:)

I have spent many days painting in the wee hours of the night. I wanted to prepare a special thank you to those that have supported me. Art is something I’ve done since I was really little. My creativity is marked not in awards, but with the people who developed it within me:

• Mrs. West’s kindergarten class was the first time I actually tried to put effort into my scribbles. It was a bluebird on a green leaf I can remember it clear as day.

• Mr. Dowel taught me to ‘think’ creatively in elementary school.

• Mrs. Snapp taught me refinement in Junior High.

• My mom taught me that even when I thought I was good, I could be better.

• And great men by the names of Sleadd, Watson, Cameron, and Larson  taught me who I was as an artist within the walls of Columbia College.

• My supporters have taught me that a little compassion goes a long way to keeping the fire burning when it seems the rains set in.

For those that have taken the chance on me and spent the hours of their life to read my book, I am very grateful. The Dove: Book One of the Legend is not the end of the story there are four more books to go but I didn’t want to move on from this hurdle without stopping to blow a few kisses to those that have cheered me on. If you got The Dove: Book One of the Legend from send me your emailed order confirmation, as it has your address on it and I will send you the thank you gift that I have spent many nights working on as a token of my gratitude. (You can pick either Natani or Adoetae) If your waiting on the paperback that’s okay too, I’ll still have prints for you as well! I should have them by Christmas.

Casey Voight Watercolor Thank You

Adoetae – Signed and numbered by yours truly.

(This goes for anyone that still gets the book until I run out of prints.) And for all of you out there that support the local, the little guy, the new guy, the friend, the stranger, here’s to you. Your support means more than you know. Hugs, Casey

Casey Voight Watercolor - Natani

Natani – Signed and numbered by Casey Voight


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