Bread and Babies

Taking time from the grind. Stress always falls when yeast rises.

It was a cold day, the kind that make you go ‘Ahhh’ when you find some sunshine to sit in. The cat had the right idea and was curled up in the bright patch of warmth coming through the glass backdoor. Will joined the snuggle so I had to snap the shot. Cold days like this make me want to bake so I thought I’d try it out with Will.  I thought maybe he would be too young to get interested in the whole ‘cooking with mom’ thing. I underestimated him. The awesome thing about baking is that…

1. It’s messy, which is always fun for kids.

2. It’s got a lot of components to keep them continually interested.

3. You get to pour water (which is apparently SUPER fun for toddlers).

4. You get to eat it. WIll is a carb fein just like me.

Oh and 5. The whole transforming from goop to bread is very exciting to watch as well.

Today we got baking down – tomorrows lesson may be replacing a button:)

Thought of the day: Appreciate every single moment with those that look up to you and never underestimate their willingness to follow you – especially when your carrying fresh bread. Cheers, Casey


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