Liebster Blogging Award

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The Next Big Thing

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REAL is Sexy

REAL is Sexy

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12/12/12 The Dove ARRIVES!

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Todays post is short because I have something really fun that I would rather you WATCH. It’s my book trailer for The Dove: Book One of the Legend. It was a lot of fun to dream up and a lot … Continue reading

2 magic words ‘so what’

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Wine, Watercolors and a Thank You For Support

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Calling all Writers – Megaphone Society

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Packaged, Launched and Waiting to Send You Artwork

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Columbia authors self-publish their work

Columbia authors self-publish their work

The Columbia Missourian’s VOX Magazine wrote a piece on self–publishing…. and I’m in it! (Re–blogged from EBook will be available on my website this week!! Columbia authors self-publish their work Writers pen, publish and publicize on their own By Jessica Puckett October … Continue reading

That’s a WRAP!

So I have this thing about bragging, it seems really weird to me and I never do it BUT since I wasn’t the one in front of the camera in 50 degree weather wearing hardly anything, I’m going to do it now. My book trailer filming this weekend went freakin AWESOME thanks to my cast! I was in frantic search (and I mean desperate, begging people mode) the night before. I still needed a tall, buff guy to be one of my warriors, and a helper or two but didn’t find anyone. The weather forecast was to be a high of 50 degrees and mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, not ideal at all.

My videographer/director was to meet me after work to go over supplies and deliver the film trailer with all the equipment. I race after work stopping to get gas, the pump stopped at $55.55 coincidence or sign that disaster was in the air? Trust me, this thought was a permanent fixture in my head the days following the shoot. I arrive on location to meet the videographer but he did not show up because his truck couldn’t pull his trailer and he turned back after I was already on location 45 minutes away. So, no run through of supplies like we scheduled. (This was followed by him backing his trailer into his house). Bad luck was oozing from the air!

I went to bed with nightmares and a headache wondering if I should call everyone and move the filming to Sunday instead. My gut said ‘no its going to be awesome just stay the course!’ So we did. The result?

I love making movies!

Well you’ll have to wait seven weeks from now when the finished product is released.  But in the mean time here are some pictures from the day.

My frozen girls in-between takes.

My devoted cast was perfect, it was freezing cold, but no one complained. It was hard, but no one complained.  I begged and tried to recruit people the days before with no avail, but these people willingly went where no one else wanted to go.These people rock–> Tai Hines, Lindsey Smith, Nathalia Mello, Ryan Voight, Adam Voight, Bo Wendleton and Dale Kempf. Oh and while I’m bragging, I need to mention my mom made all these costumes by hand and provided childcare for the day:)

Enough said.

Pure talent at its finest.

The moral of this weekend is no matter your bad luck, if you have perseverance and creativity, things will turn out awesome:) The book trailer is to be released November 21, 2012 so please be sure to check back and see how it all comes together!


Stress makes for exciting times! Here I am standing on campus trying to recruit a last-minute missing link in my chain of actors for Saturdays book trailer filming. My back up to my back up fell through, and I’ve contacted six potential back ups to those back ups and have fallen short each time. As I get more desperate I find I’m willing to stoop to new lows. Here I am with my student designer Chrissy, she is making the face that I feel inside. We are standing outside the Rec center trying to recruit the last guy. Unfortunately, we only had 20 minutes to stand there and in that 20 minutes only a hand full of mostly females walked by. We got some laughs, got some looks but that’s about it. One girl stopped and said she knew a Taylor Lautner look-alike so I exuberantly handed out my number but have yet to have any calls. Call me Taylor Lautner look-alike!

I don’t know why actor searching is  so difficult, I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me to be in a movie. Perhaps I will try the sign at Walmart and see what I get – okay never mind that’s taking it too far! Or is it? Well this blog is mostly about the struggles of self-publishing and though this is not a wildly informative or intriguing post it is head on the topic today. The show must go on even if it is horrible weather, one bear warrior and a couple of helpers short.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, we have all heard the saying but the reality is, people do. I’m guilty of it, I admit. I think a cover needs to do three main things. First it needs to grab viewers attention, it needs to stand out from all the others to get noticed.  Secondly, it needs to  clearly communicate the important information like title and author, duh.  And lastly, it needs to visually represent the story it is wrapped around. To me there is nothing worse than a generic cover that looks completely removed from the story – but I’m a graphic designer so that should bother me. I have a hard time browsing the bookstore and NOT critiquing the covers. Don’t judge me, I know what your thinking! Instead, judge my covers:)

After many ideas and spending many late nights I have narrowed the cover design down to five options. So now the tables are turned I ask that you critique my covers. Please pick out the parts you like, pick out the parts you don’t like. I want to hear your thoughts. My website, has five designs to choose from. PLEASE VOTE THERE AND LEAVE COMMENTS ON THE COVER YOU LIKE BEST. 

Hugs and good vibes to all that help me out on this. Have a GREAT weekend!


CASTING CALL! I’m excited to announce we are making a book trailer for The Dove! I am looking for men between the age of 18-35 overly muscular with a dark complexion. We are also looking for Native American looking women between the age of 18-25 brown eyes, long dark hair and dark complexion. You need to be in the Columbia Missouri area. Please email photos to me before Sept 19, 2012. Most likely the shoot will be the last weekend of September or the first weekend in October. This is a one day shoot, no prior acting experience needed so if you know anyone that would be interested please have them submit a photo. Email me for more details. Go to for more information about the book.