Writing Studio

The Day You Were Mine

By: Casey Voight
Ink Out – Mine 5/9/13

May I fly away on the back of today’s defeat
Delivering me into the arms of tomorrows song
May my ears not hear the Minor keys of Gloomy Sunday
But vibratory levels of unspoken dreams

The broken glass I have tread makes light foot my haste
Through cold sweats and contorted face
Allow me to find a day where all weight flys away
And peace lays upon me under a willow tree

sleeping sleeping
dreaming dreaming
our little moment in time
for an instant I held on to you
for a little, tiny instant – you were mine

I can stand in the silence of a dream and scream
I can cry and jump from cliffs to breaths demise
But I never feel the pain until I wake and rise
Tell me, can you see it in these eyes?

Can this round come around
Can it begin today – wake not with the pain
But with a kiss, a caress,
Anything but the dark silence

sleeping sleeping
dreaming dreaming
our little moment in time
for an instant I held on to you
for a little, tiny instant – you were mine

You know I’m here, I’ve always been
But not always and not for long
The race to the end is vast
But it does not lessen, it speeds fast

I will bury this seed, I will have this dream
If I die trying it will be mine
Dear Lord, let me shine
Despite the dull etch given by the hands of time

sleeping sleeping
dreaming dreaming
our little moment in time
for an instant I held on to you
for a little, tiny instant – you were mine

By Casey Voight
You came in the night,
and laid yourself upon me.
You were soft, you were beautiful,
your silent mystery was calming.
~But your heart was cold.
I wondered if it would always be this way.
If this is how we’d grow old?
I was torn between want and pulling away.
I would warm myself to live beside your chill.
I’d adapted, I pretended it would all go away.
I knew I could reconcile, I could take the pain.
But then you began to get heavy.
I was crushed by your weight.
My bones began to break
~I felt betrayed.
But you would say,
‘this is just the way you are.’
When I pleaded you’d go crazy.
A blizzard of lashing would bury me silent.
I was torn by the then and now,
The what and how?
Who had I become, who had I lost?
How destructive would you be
and at what cost?
I’d sit silent to stay warm
~ I’d build up layers
~ I’d dream of fires
~ I suppressed desires.
All so I could live without blizzards.
Because life IS struggle, right?
Life IS pain and growth?
Life IS not giving up?
You’d tell me I’m weak if this ISn’t enough.
You’d blame and shout, you provoked my doubt.
You’d scream you need me, you loved me,
you never want to let go,
but I was frozen in the snow how was I suppose to know?
I began to dream not of the sun,
Not of the perfect weather,
Just a little kindness
even rain would be better.
Branches have all been broken
Hope buried deep beneath ice
Can I ever reach it,
and what justifies the sacrifice?
Blustery grow the days
before dreams warm my soul.
Nights of fantasies ward off the cold.
But age has not slowed
and hands are growing old
How do I say, I’m just tired of being cold?

Loss of Time
By Casey Voight
Ink Out – Time 2/7/13

I came but you didn’t show.
I sat there waiting, wondering had I missed the time;
I guess your watch just wasn’t the same as mine.

I took off my stilettos, I took down my hair.
I softened all the edges, guess I thought you wouldn’t care.

Now you need me, now your here;
Now you want me to talk down your fear.

But now it’s harder, there’s things you need to see.
Simply put, I started caring for me.

Go if you must, but don’t blame my dreams.
Don’t accuse and fuss and throw away my things.

It’s a simple story,
Though tragically just;

I came but you didn’t show,
That’s the story of us.

Off the Stone
By Casey Voight 1/24/13

I walk upon this earth a vessel,
a peddler into the unknown.
No road complete will take me,
but sure foot I go alone.

I gather hearts of many,
I call on those long gone.
I hope for strength and wisdom,
to venture off the stone.

The treasure I am seeking,
and have been from the start.
To never die without all the passions,
of life within my heart.

Dreary That Haunts
By Casey Voight

Damn the dreary that haunts
Damn the moats and walls
May we pass from heart to heart unscathed
Leaving our mark before, not after we fade

Why must the struggle be all that is achieved
Why must our honor be proven on our knees
Why must I smile bigger to hide a suppressed soul
Why must my demons seem more like friends to behold

Why do I bare all, stand naked and exposed
In order to cover you layered deep beneath clothes
Why must I be silenced, why must I not raise a brow
To the wrongs I see and feel, just because you scream foul

These two sides have pulled and stretched
Cut, burned, diluted, and etched
When the line is snapped and magic dust comes free
You leave me nothing but a naked piece of string

You think the more you crush me the less I have powers
But the strongest my dear, are those that have fallen on the darkest hours

The Cloak
By Casey Voight

The moment, crypt-still
I’m breathing, but barely.
Exorbitant amounts of energy vibrate from me,
and I see intertwined within the warmth,
my life unfolding before me.

I carry like a cloak
Records of every moment.
Hanging like a veil
I am dressed in my past-
Every success and fail

I have patched the rips
I have re-dyed the worn patches
I’ve let out the seams
But this cloak still clings

It’s old and tattered
Its colors, they run,
My buttons, far worn
feathered edges, undone.

I wear my past
not on my sleeve
But like bellows of fabric
trailing unshakable to me.

I am marked by the pain
It’s clear as day
And I am blessed by the jewels
in this life I have gained.

My cloak it dazzles
It shines and it evokes

it reflects the spirit of those

that have made it onto my cloak.

Casey Voight

There is much I wish to say, to share,
Much I’d like to unwind upon the air.

But I practice walking these fields of vacant thought,
I pretend it is a prairie while treading a swamp.

If I tell you all I wish to say,
My fairy tale melts and my illusionist world fades.

The cold then creeps in, the chill abreast,
The loneliness haunts me and the sun lays to rest.

To keep the world from swallowing me up,
I imagine there boulders for me to jump.

So I will not tell you all I want to share,
Because reality can not place me there.

Casey Voight

I look upon images of the past like reflections of stories I once lived,
I see friends long gone, the innocents of happiness untainted.
I call upon the dreams that I reached for, and recall that dreams were not stable things.
I remember the pain of betrayal and the taste of denial,
the obsession of passion and the knives of good-bye.
Pretending I was well-defined while asking–who am I?
To go back to the point it all began– to hug my grandma again.
Oh how life has laid upon my skin, how it has etched upon my brain
the very lightning rods that attract the energy of who I am today.
–May I radiate.


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