To See Is To Feel

Do you feel?

I mean heart wrenching, gut busting, soul aching feeling.

One thing I have been focusing on lately is really being in the moment – feeling. I’m sure if your life is like mine, you are off rushing to the next thing on your schedule, never really experiencing life in the now. I know I’m guilty of this, but I have been trying hard in this new year to focus on things that I normally don’t see or feel.

The feeling of the salt chunks crushing under my feet as I walk to work. The feeling of the sun competing with the cold against my face. The sound of snow falling and the colors of shadows. Do you stop to find the things you don’t see? Sometimes we just need to be reminded, knocked from our ruts. You’d be amazed at what you can see when you really look. I did a post called Real is Sexy and it outlines my view on the importance and beauty of real things made that way by their ability to be destroyed. If you’ve read that post then you already know where I’m coming from.

I went outside and sat on a tree stump near my house yesterday. At first it was just my backyard, at first it was my everyday normal view from out my backdoor. Then I tried to really see it and suddenly everything changed. Ice had frozen in the crevices of the tree bark where I was sitting. Sparkling channels of ice stretched across it as though it was bleeding glass. The snow-covered ground had begun to melt and sunken holes where seeds had fallen had polka-dotted the ground. The blue shadow for which I first sat, now reflected every color of the rainbow. When you open yourself up to see, you open yourself up to feel. Real beauty is a powerful thing that effects more than the attraction of your eyes, the amazement and  awe of the real is enough to bring tears, to make your heart ache. Perhaps it is silly for me to try to explain it, try finding it for yourself.

Do you see anything?


Mother Nature sleeping perhaps?



I wrote this poem in high school not really knowing the meaning I was trying to convey until I ran across it the other day. It’s old, written by my 16-year-old mind, but it relates exactly to what I am talking about now.


It’s not what people see –

It’s what they don’t see,

That makes them common.

It’s not that they don’t see –

It’s that they don’t look,

That makes them blind.

It’s not that they don’t look –

It’s that they never acquire

The humbleness from looking,

That fills their soul and makes them great.


In a world of so much ugly, don’t overlook the beauty that surrounds you just because it has always been there. See, look and appreciate. Usually the simplest things warrant the greatest amazement.

Dream Big and With No Excuses, Casey


9 thoughts on “To See Is To Feel

  1. Lovely words that we don’t hear often enough. My father always taught me to view the world this way, quietly, watching, listening. He taught me to love all art and all the beauty around me and how important and fulfilling it is to express it and share your love and joy through whatever means draws you. And to master your means. My goal has been that my boys can one day also grasp this very simple perspective as well. As that shares what seems is an enlightened sense of being that is a calming, peaceful sense of depth and appreciation that is so important to our very soul. And to share this with whomever they find at home with down the road. Eloquently stated, sweet lady

  2. Hi Casey: This post really spoke to us! One of the best posts we’ve read. Funny enough, our newest post touches on the same concept of life & how artists view it. By the way, Mathair dabbles with poetry and absolutely loved the poem at the end. Especially the last four lines. We will be sharing this with all of our networking friends on facebook and twitter & look forward to your future posts.

  3. I think you should share more from the 16-year-old mind. She writes better poetry than I see nowadays on WordPress.

    And yes, most people go through life with a mechanistic attitude; closing themselves from the beauty which lies beyond the apparent. There’s much more to see than nature allows us to — obviously, if you have the good stuff, you wouldn’t readily give it out.

    My curiosity though wonders… when we slow down to “see and feel”, what do we really see: do we see what’s out there or do we see the beauty in us suppressed by ignorance born and groomed of a mechanistic attitude?

    Thanks for sharing. You gave my brain a jolt with this one.

    • Ahh, these are the type of comments that every blogger hopes for, the response that keeps you thinking long past the post. I do think that slowing to see and feel opens us up to not only see the world better, but to really look in at who we are. I think being ‘suppressed by our ignorance’ is right on. Not that we are truly ignorant just that really looking and feeling takes effort. This effort seems to battle with (and mostly lose the war against ) our own day to day stresses and existence, the mechanistic attitude you referred to. I’ve always thought that if we take the time necessary to feel and see, our souls grow and in turn we truly become great. Thanks for the comment Yasky, I’d chat life with ya anytime.

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