Calling all Writers – Megaphone Society

How do we become more
than a little voice shouting out
hey notice me!’ 

 I read blog after blog, and article after article. I follow well-known authors in hopes I may learn some sort of strategy, but what I have found are just fleeting hours of my life going flat behind a computer screen. I recently had the privilege of picking the brain of a successful well-known author. The session was informative but very sobering and discouraging. One comment really stood out to me, he said “Really the only way to make it these days is to write something worth passing to someone else.”

Whoa. Am I worth passing? I had to stop and access.

I’m new, I don’t have a bank of well reviewed work to stand on in order to sell my book, I have a small following (Of which these people I LOVE), I struggle to blog about mind-blowing ideas and important information in hopes someone thinks I’m worthy of a ‘like’ or better yet a golden ‘comment’.

Argg, the insanity!

I stepped back from my glowing screen and sat across the room from it tonight. I reassessed. The corner was dark, it jumped with car lights reflecting from the window – all people zooming by – all people who don’t, and never will, know me. The quiet solitude of realization slapped me in the face and it dawned on me. It’s not that there is too much competition, it not that I write boring posts, it isn’t that my book sucks,there is –


When everyone is screaming to be heard even the best voices are lost in the madness. EVERYONE SOUNDS HORRIBLE. What I mean by that is everyone is out trying so freaking hard to be noticed themselves, (I’m in that boat), that no one is noticing anyone, so what’s the point?

The key is to find a balance between doing nothing but hoping, and being too in-your-face about being known. If your too aggressive then all you are known for, is for being an annoying pain-in-the-ass. And no one want’s to be that, am I right?

So Here is my IDEA: It’s a small one, but small ideas are sometimes the strongest ones. If your reading this and have a book out, or are finishing one up, or even thinking of writing one then your just like me and we can pal up.

Maybe we swap and post reviews on our blog about the other persons stuff. Maybe we gather a whole bunch of people just like us and instead of all of us screaming to have a little voice we support and promote each other as a louder, cooler, stronger, big voice.

You with me!? (This is where I’m hoping you say out loud ‘HELL YEAH CASEY!’) Cool then the Megaphone Society has begun. Okay if someone has a cooler name let me know that’s just the first thing that popped in my head.

No, never mind that’s actually perfect.

Contact me with a comment if you want to be apart of this. A full outline of the Megaphone Society complete with perks and benefits will be listed out in coming posts.

Hugs, cheers and hope to hear from you. Megaphone has closed for the night. CaseyMegaphone Society


8 thoughts on “Calling all Writers – Megaphone Society

    • Of course you can, the point behind Megaphone is to create a community of people that want and are willing to support each other. Thank you for your interest, more information is coming and welcome to Megaphone Society! Cheers, Casey

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