I bought a 150 year old building


Sometimes we go through phases of life where we need to be quiet. Sorry for the silence. I’ve been away doing just that. Reflecting, dealing, growing. In the mean time, fate landed me someplace amazing. It has also become the biggest project of my life, thus far.

I bought a 5,000 square foot 150 year old building in my hometown.

I’m sure you are asking ‘why?’ It’s okay, I have heard that from a lot of people.

Well, ever since I was a child setting in the 4th grade science class imagining what it would be like if that interesting room was my bedroom, I’ve had a love of space. Of course, the older and the more unique the better. I was born and raised in Boonville, MO and have been away ever since I left for college but something always beckoned me back to this river town. A woman who I referred to as my aunt, Pam Davis and her partner Stanley Thomas, have always been the faces of downtown Boonville renovation. Their devotion and drive to make Boonville thrive in a state of beauty was so addicting. It inspired me, it called to me. Their places are amazing, so much craftsmanship, so much character. The first time I saw their loft space it brought tears to my eyes. Coolest, most unique home I’d ever been in.

Sadly, Pam passed away a few months back after a bad car accident and I had a hard time looking at Boonville the same. It was as if its sparkle of downtown had gone out. But just as fate would have it, the towns largest festival was going on, Heritage Days. I was driving downtown to attend and parked my car. What I saw made my heart skip a beat. “For Sale” It was my favorite building, it was rough, it was in need and it called to me. I could barely contain myself the rest of the night. I had to know how much they were asking for it and I had to get inside. I was giddy.

The next day I called and met the owner. The poor place had been used as a sporting goods store for as long as I had known it. It’s plaster walls were hidden behind layers of wallpaper, particle board, peg board and then lined with jock straps and tube socks.

Got Spirit? Hell Yes we do!


Can you believe this was once a high-end jewelry store?

It is hard to not see all the problems.  Primarily because there are a lot of them.



But wait, we start to see some diamonds amongst the rough. This old safe was AMAZING.


Its woodwork was painted hunter orange. It practically glowed and was EVERYWHERE.

IMG_3326Its beautiful stained glass dome was cloaked in 100 years of soot.

309 Main Boonville, Mo

Oh but she was beautiful. Despite her age, despite her neglect, I knew I could make her shine again.

I called Stanley Thomas to get his opinion he said “Don’t buy it.” Ugg, I thought. Wind went right out of my sails. Pam would want it, I thought. “Pam wouldn’t buy it,” he said. Well hell. This was not what I was thinking I would hear!

Did I listen?


He must have known it was possible though because Stan has been working with me ever since.

Would it be a huge mistake? Time will tell. Money pit? Probably, but I am the queen of thrift and stretching a dollar. Needless to say, I took the plunge.

I’ve always wanted to live downtown and own a store, 2 checks on the bucket list. It was time to take something that had been neglected, something that I could control and see a positive change in. I needed it as much as it needed me.

Now for the real work. Stay tuned it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be messy, it’s going to be terrifying, we are going to crawl into some horrible places but it’s going to be one heck of an adventure.

Breath by breath, step by step, fearless we go
– from the shallow to the depth.


((PLEASE READ: If you follow me I have moved to caseywendleton.com. My blog is now caseywendleton.com/blog. PLEASE find me there as posts to this site will be ending very soon. Don’t lose me!. Cheers, Casey))

Casey Wendleton

Dream Big and with No Excuses.

Cheers, Casey



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