Painting through problems

I’ve been writing and painting a lot lately – burning the midnight oil so to speak. You want a challenge – try wrangling watercolors to be what you want them to be – which is cooperative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: paint can teach you a lot.  Patience, serenity, determination, control, and how to overcome challenges. No one needs counseling, just a trip to Hobby Lobby. Who knew right?


I have a goal to write seven children’s books by the end of the year. Why seven and why children’s books? Let’s just say the stars told me. So far, I’ve written The Lizard KidWill and the Best Job in the WorldThe Great Unknown and Fly. Four total and three to go.


My blog started off being about stumbling through self-publishing my novel but it has taken some back roads and ended up being more about self-help, adventure and more ‘meaning-of-life’ type subjects. I write for myself and so it takes on an adult feel but children go through the exact same challenges. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is take a complex subject, strip it down and hold something at its simplest, basic form. For the challenge and the message alone, children’s books have been calling to me. Don’t worry, if you are one of my coveted Legend series fans, I’m jumping back on The Lion soon.


The faint lines of morning take on vibrant hues by night 🙂


And of course I have the best apprentice ever, as well as the main character in three of the books :). If I haven’t introduced him yet, meet my son, Will.

The children’s books I am writing deal with real-life issues. They are, as far as children’s books go, slightly dark for lack of a better word, but always end in light. Much like the struggles we all face in life.  I’m going to release these to Amazon, but before I do, I wanted feedback from the audience that matters: the little minds that will be looking at these.

The reason I am blogging about this is because – Parents I need you! I’m looking for a few parents with ereaders that can be my guinea pigs. I’d like to offer to send you my books in exchange for good, honest, kid feedback.  Of course I have to successfully get them all finished and converted to ePUBS or PDFs first, which may be a couple of weeks away, but I wanted to get the search for participants going.  Message me if you are interested or if you have a topic you think would be beneficial to your child or someone else. I’d love to know (I have three more to write). If the idea makes it into a book I may even use your child as a character in it.

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Dream Big and with No Excuses!

Cheers, Casey


2 thoughts on “Painting through problems

  1. Cool post Casey! Love the paintings! I realized something that made me really think. Since becoming from an illness I found myself trying to reinvent myself which was extremely difficult. I found I just didn’t have the answers. Then I started writing which led to a couple books written. During that time I was writing blogs and articles for people which became more and more of something like a part time job after a while. While my books didn’t fare too well on the market, I did learn a lot from writing them and in the end it helped me become a better blogger writing articles for people. So, maybe its true, one door closes another one opens. Now I have a few more steady clients Im writing for on a weekly basis for their websites and companies. Works for me:)

    • Thanks for the comment Dave! One door closes another one opens and if it doesn’t…well that’s what a sawzall is for. Don’t forget to follow me at my new blog. I’m going to stop posting here and I don’t want to lose ya. Find me at CHEERS!

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