Ahhh, Don’t Lose Me!


I am super excited to announce I am going self hosted! caseyvoight.wordpress.com is now caseyvoight.com. My old site and old blog will be going offline, that is because I have a new one that combines everything into one.


With all good things come their share of issues. THE ISSUE with going self hosted is

you lose all of your followers.

(That means you!)

I would have inserted a pathetic image of me sobbing over a box of Twinkies here but I won’t subject you to that. Instead, I have already wished on 3 falling stars and thrown $4.75 worth of change into a well. All in hopes you come with me. I guess now that I told you that secret, my wish won’t come true – whoops.

In all honesty, you have been with me for so long that I can’t lose you.

Not now!

Really, who will I share all my odd thoughts on life with?



She is cute, but it’s just not the same. I am inviting you to get my blog posts emailed to you, or you can follow my RSS feed. I will also post them on my author/artist Facebook page if you follow me there. I don’t post a ton so your inbox won’t be overloaded with crap – I promise. Plus incentive time here; for 30 days I am going to collect all the names of my followers that come with me and on October 20th I will draw a name and that person wins 4 hours of design work good for anything you would need, i.e. logo, graphics for your site, blog, Facebook header, custom business card, etc. Here is how you come with me.

Look for this at the top of this page in the right hand column, just enter your email address.


Or click on this, if you are familiar with RSS feeds you’ll know what to do. rssicon

Now for my mini plug. I’m calling it the ‘Larissa Stephanoff commercial’. I LOVE my new site but I would not have been able to do it, or even gotten close to making all the parts work, without my dear friend and partner in crime (on many things), Larissa Stephanoff.


Applause for this chic!

I totally recommend you getting her to help if you are needing a site facelift. She is a site genius and can figure anything out. She not only walks the walk but can talk the talk and it’s REALLY confusing so hire a pro. Find her here or check out her blog at pilotingpaperairplanes.com


I hope to continuing to see you my dear friends. And if not, I leave you with something from me to you.

May your life, despite the paths, unfold in the highest good.

Dream Big and with No Excuses!

Cheers, Casey


2 thoughts on “Ahhh, Don’t Lose Me!

  1. Thanks, Casey. Love where you are going with this. I am hoping to hook up with your buddy, Larissa in a few weeks. I will probably need her help.
    Like your childrens’ books too! Way to go!

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