Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything falls apart and you’re the leftover mess from being emotionally steamrolled? You’re thinking, Good Lord I can barely breathe I just need to get through this week without having a stroke or getting stomach ulcers. Then the next week starts and suddenly all your mutilated parts are now scooped up and shoved in a blender – its gotten even worse. When it rains, it pours. The struggle shows you things you don’t want to see, it makes you feel things you don’t want to feel. Times like this we start to question our worth, our purpose. Uncontrollable questions that throb from the bare nerves being pulverized in these moments. We react from the pain, the discomfort, it controls us. We need to get answers, we rack our brains with “Why have these paths brought me here?” “How did I let them?” Well I realized something;

Ain’t no point in asking that.


Rest assured there is a reason.  No point in knowing, it would most likely make no sense anyway.

Instead, clear a spot within yourself. Invite who you truly are to come back to that spot. It will free you. We get so caught up in the stressors, the pain, the struggles that we lose our heads a little. We tie ourselves up trying to ‘get it right’ that we render ourselves paralyzed then seek comforts in any way we can find them.  Usually to our own detriment. Maybe we turn to vices like alcohol, drugs, we eat to replace the empty feelings, etc.. We are taught to separate ourselves from ourselves. We change who we are to be accepted, to fit in to certain standards. We lose touch of who we are, all in the name of seeking a good life (but then we are just an internal mess.)

Only when you come back to yourself, rip off the band-aid and address the wounds no matter how painful the rubbing alcohol feels, do you heal the only true way you can – from the inside out. Self-acceptance is sometimes hard to truly look at, especially when you are damaged. If life has hit you hard and you’re alone in the middle of a tornado, there is someone who has your back and they are stronger than anyone else you know – it is you. Have the courage and compassion to sit with your discomfort. Memorize it as to learn from it and never feel it again. Great creation comes from great pain-just look at all the greats. Chanel it. From the pain can come a greater you. You are the only one that can make that version of yourself. I am the only one that can make that version of me. To all my followers that are struggling or have mentioned to me they have lost their way – May we all radiate…and may we start today.


Dream Big and with no Excuses.




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