Take Me To the Fair!

Does your family have traditions? Mine does. We are Missouri State Fair regulars. It’s been a personal tradition of mine since this day in 1983. I have been going every year since.


We would always start the day fresh. Dad would insist on getting there early while it was still cool. There is a hint of extra magic when you witness everyone getting things ready for the day –  before all the masses arrive.

We did not break tradition this year.


Bright eyed and bushy-tailed. This is my son Will and my sisters daughter Phoenix. The fair is always more fun when you share the experience.


First stop is always the cows, then the mules or horses depending on the day and then to the Mathewson Exhibition Center to usually watch the horse competitions. This year it was the draft horses. They were massive and beastly, totally worth watching…


…as you can see, some get into it way more than others.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 7.43.11 PM

Of course many things at the fair are behind walls and pens so there is a lot of lifting and carrying of those still sprouting. Thank you Lord for a strong back.


The best and worse thing about the fair is all the options for food. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the end-of-the-world importance of french fries when ordering lunch and therefore received this look of distaste with my selection for Will.


Everything was okay by the time we reached the rabbits though.


I’m not sure what I love so much about the fair. I think it’s the country roots, the animals, the grit. I love exploring the fish aquariums, the art exhibits, watching the huge variety of people. The fair has always had an agricultural theme, that in itself is wholesome, spending a day amongst that is good for anyone. Where else can you go to watch bears dance, pigs race, take your photo on top of a giant bullfrog and ride a camel? Nowhere.

All this being said, you haven’t done the fair justice unless you are so covered in dirt and sweat that you can do this with your hair.


And by the end of the day you are so worn out that you have to guide each other back to the car

…until next year.


Thanks to these two, we have this tradition in our family.


What traditions do you have? Anyone share in the tradition of the fair?

Dream Big and with No Excuses,



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