Casey Voight Time-Lapse Painting #2

Hey Everyone!

I had the most wonderful week off for my stay-cation. I spent the first few days of it visiting my folks. My sister was also in town and wild things happen when the Wendleton (maiden name) sisters get together.  The two of us, plus our mother, spent a day and a half flinging paint.

I had such a great time making the first time-lapse painting that I had to try it again. Sorry for the direct lighting, and awkward close-ups. I made the mistake of filming the intro at night. (I will eventually get good at making these). Watch all the way to the very end past the credits for a bonus laugh.

(Click below to watch)

Dream Big and With No Excuses,

Cheers Casey


6 thoughts on “Casey Voight Time-Lapse Painting #2

    • Thanks Larissa. I typically paint really dark and wanted to do a light painting this time. My last one was also really detailed and I was in the mood for simplicity.

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