26 Seemingly Innocent Symbols


26 – The number is quite unthreatening looking, isn’t it?

This is the number to a code of symbols that make up the English alphabet. I’m a writer and I try to relate things back to writing when I can, but for a moment I’m going to strip it down. This image right here has some horrible things in it.


We learn at an early age to construct these shapes, to cross our T’s and dot the I’s.

Later we learn that if we lay them out in a certain order they can form a word. These words make up the contents inside these blue volumes, (171,476 words in current use, 47,156 obsolete  and 9,500 derivative words included as subentries.) All-in-all a lot of words, which come from the 26 seemingly innocent symbols.


Here is where I’m going to get deep. From these mere 26 symbols you can crush the living soul right out of someone.

– I hate you –

– I don’t love you and never have –

– You will never be what I want –

Or you can make their heart hurt in a good way.

– I love you –

– Stay –

– You’re beautiful –

The same ‘e’ in hate also lives in love, but they share no meaning in fact they are opposites.

You have 26 symbols to lay upon the blank white paper, you have the power to crush, to send us to dream, to inspire, to provoke, to take us to depths of sadness and to make us love. How powerful are you? Lay your 26 down, lay them down like spells that instantly move a soul.

It can be hard sometimes to come up with the right combinations. We stare at the paper like a vast lonely landscape, we avoid conversations because we may not think fast enough to put the 26 to their best use. The amazing thing is that for all the power, technicality and fuss in these 26 symbols that make up these 228,132 English words that make up these 20 volumes, there is one word that represents something greater than them all combined.  It’s made up of only 6 letters. It is not a large word, it’s not complex, in fact, it is a beautiful word and yet it has great power – atom bomb level.

This word is action.

However, the word itself is powerless without that for which it represents.

Action always speaks louder than words.

You only live once, go and be, experience and do. Don’t get hung up on the telling, you also have to live the story.

But when you do tell the story, hit us with all you’ve got.

Dream Big and with No Excuses.

Cheers, Casey


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