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I was asked by Victoria Sawyer to join “Discover Indie Authors” blog hop giveaway alongside several other indie authors (there are 11 of us). Our goal is to introduce you to an array of new authors. The blog hop raffle will go through Friday so be sure to check everyone out and enter each raffle! I like giving just as much as getting, so here we go. Please read the post and you’ll find a place to enter my first ever raffle.

Here on my blog today I’m going to share a snippet of my novel The Dove: Book one of the Legend.

Here’s my snippet and below I’ll list the other indie authors for you to visit and my giveaway.  Oh…stop that, don’t just scroll down to the giveaway!  You’ve got to suffer for it first, so please, read on… ;)


One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of The Dove: Book One of the Legend along with a signed watercolor print of one of the characters in my book. Thanks for entering!

Click Here to go to the Giveaway Raffle.

Casey Voight Book Cover, The Dove: Book One of the LegendCasey Voight Watercolor Thank YouCasey Voight Watercolor - Natani

Snippet from The DOVE: Book One of the Legend, Chapter 11 – Wild Skin

I was anxious to get my plan in motion. My wild skin crawled, and feral blood pumped through my veins. I was, for the moment, no longer a woman. I was a trapped animal that had gone mad, and my frenzied thoughts of escape had taken over. I arose and slipped into my knee-high moccasins, and without even the slightest sound, I was on my feet. If all went well, I would be floating down the river. If not, well, I just wasn’t going to think about that. I wondered if tonight Duran would be coming to my chamber. I needed to move quickly. I knew the wild trance I was in would not allow me to be submissive tonight. If found, I would fight to the death.

The cave chambers were dimly lit, but I reached the door to the Sun Hall by memory. I had gone over this route in my head many times. My heart was beating so hard. The large wooden latch was damp and cold against my burning palms. The darkness continued out into the Sun Hall. The rain was light, but the lightning was charging the air with a static energy that seemed to warn me. With each burst of light, I made my way to the rope and then to the stone steps. I took a deep breath and let the cool rain clear my head and heighten my resolve.

Go, just go. My mind kept saying.

I went. The stone steps where slippery, and the moss peeled off under each finger hold. But I dug my nails in and clambered like a wild cat. I stopped at the top, took one last look at this beautiful oasis, remembering how I felt the first time I saw it. Now dark, it was as though the flowers had faded and died, and now I was seeing it as it truly was — a facade. “Goodbye, Colbryn.” I tied the rope to a branch and trusted that it would not break as I slipped my body over the edge. I had a great distance to go to get off the sheer mountain cliff, but each step and each inch was only that much closer to freedom. I lowered myself down, losing strength as I went. My arms were shaking, the rope was wet, and my hands slipped a little with each new grip. I could feel the blisters forming, but I had to hold on — not much farther, I promised myself. I reached the end of the rope, but to my surprise it did not reach the ledge. Damn! I had not planned for this. I dangled several feet from the overhang and swayed out over the cliff and back against the rock. I didn’t have enough strength to climb back up. I was stuck. Dangling at the end of a rope with thunder cracking and lightning falling all around me, I suddenly realized this wasn’t such a good plan. My fingers were giving out, so I held my breath and just let go. This might be the end, and if it had to be, I was okay with that.

The air around me was cold. I couldn’t see the ledge except when a flash of lightning lit the sky. Was I going to land on it or go over? My legs hit the rock surface with crippling force. It hurt, but I was alive. I clung to it for a few minutes and was afraid to open my eyes. I forced them open, and the lightning lit up the sky again giving me a good view of the river still far below. I had fallen with only inches to spare. I could barely make out a large form floating down the river; it was a tree moving in the swift current, and it was headed this way. With a little more luck, I figured I would be able to swim to it once I hit the water. But do I jump before it gets to me or after? I had to decide quickly. I knew I didn’t want to land on it, so maybe I should wait until it passed? Go, just go. My mind was on repeat. I didn’t hesitate. I just jumped.



The fall took an eternity. Did I jump too soon? Was I going to hit the tree? Was I going to hit the shore and miss the river all together? Maybe I should have jumped out further. Should I hit feet first? It was going to hurt but how badly? Would I be knocked out? I had time for a thousand questions to scream out in my head, but I had no answers. My thoughts flashed to Colbryn. Warm and lying next to Pinnoteh, he was now so high up in the mountain.


Why Do You Write?

Some things just need to come out. Sometimes there are stories that beg so hard to be unleashed onto paper that you really have no other choice. For me creative outlets are necessary they feed the beast within.

Tell us something cool that relates to writing.

I started a community for writers called Megaphone Society.


It began a cold fall night. I had made a contact and scheduled a call to a well-known author seeking advice and guidance on self-publishing my novel. I settled in, ready to talk and get some concrete counsel.

An hour later I hung up deflated, overwhelmed and without much hope. My conversation was sobering, laced with sharp reality that publishing today is nothing like it was 15 years ago when he started. Today, the means of publishing on your own are a lot more accessible, so everyone is doing it – which is the problem.

The market is flooded with everyone’s little voice screaming “Hey look what I did”, “Buy my book”, “Check this out”. It gets to be a deep–sea of people struggling to be heard, one over the next. It’s an overwhelming thought and a daunting reality. His words were compassionate, but brutal. They hinted at a message that was true and one that I had already known, but it annoyed me:

“Don’t give up, but also don’t expect much.” 

If you have read one of my most recent posts on my blog, Expectations and Dragon Slayers, then you know I have high expectations. So when I was told that I shouldn’t have them, I instantly put on my rose-colored glasses and thought, Bu!! $n@rky! I refuse to let your negative outlook taint my focus.

He did, however, tell me two great pieces of advice and these I pass on to you:

“The only way to make it big as an author is to:

1. Write something that makes people want to pass it on and share with someone else.


2. Be able to stand out from the crowd in some way. “

After I hung up the phone I sat curled up on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. There is something about the off-white speckles of a textured ceiling that is a perfect backboard to bounce ideas off of. The bumps form images, the images provoke ideas, the ideas grow and before long, KAPow there it is: the idea you need, spelled out in sheet rock texture. I started thinking, if I have a little voice and you have a little voice then together we will have a bigger voice. If you and I pal up with other fellow authors our voice will be that much louder. We can support each other, bounce ideas off each other, read each others stuff, promote each others stuff – BAM. Eminem’s lyrics to Not Afraid started playing in my head like a modern Rocky movie:

I’m gonna be what I set out to be

without a doubt undoubtedly.

And all those who look down on me

I’m tearing down your balcony.


I’m not going to fold and sit around wishing for something to happen while screaming along side everyone else. I’m going to make something happen! I came to work the next morning stoked with new determination. I told my good friend and co–worker Larissa about the idea and she was instantly on board.

Megaphone was born! Check it out and join!

Who are other Indie Authors to discover?

LW Patricks: he’s a word samurai, slicing through words with his trusty sacred pencil and his edgy YA debut novel, The Shadows of Wrath, is out now. Check him out!

Julie Presley: Christian author, Julie Presley, brings us this story of restoration and healing in Stones of Remembrance – a journey all about loss, discovery, healing and most importantly, love.

Victoria Sawyer: Angst. Anxiety. Panic. Victoria’s YA novel is like no other – it’s an insight into the dark struggles of a young college woman living with anxiety and it’s not for the faint hearted. Refreshing, raw and honest – be sure to take a look!

Erin Long: weaving tales of YA fantasy, Erin’s lead character, Grimore, is the niece of a sorcerer who finds herself plunged into a struggle between the forces of light and darkness.

Jocelyn Dex: this author claims ‘demons do it better’ and does her best to prove it to us in her erotic paranormal romance novels – find out for yourself…

Chelsea Falin: brings us the ‘Benson Family Chronicles’ with her distinct southern (US) voice.

A.D. Trosper: voted #1 Book of the Year in the Turning Pages Fantasy category, Book 1: Embers at Galdrilene, in The Dragon’s Call series, is certainly worth a look.

Jill Sanders: American contemporary romance author, Jill Sanders, brings us the ‘Pride series’ of books, set in the rolling hills of Oregon, the perfect backdrop for love.

Leti Del Mar: last, but definitely not least, Leti offers readers an enticing mix of crime, intrigue and romance in her novel, The Inadvertent Thief.

Belinda Williams:  Belinda’s debut novel Radiant is a fast paced romantic/supernatural thriller set in Sydney Australia that is sure to get your heart thumping!


One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of The Dove: Book One of the Legend along with a signed watercolor print of one of the characters in my book. Thanks for entering!

Click Here to go to the Giveaway Raffle.

Casey Voight Book Cover, The Dove: Book One of the LegendCasey Voight Watercolor Thank YouCasey Voight Watercolor - Natani

Cheers, Casey Voight


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  1. Love your paintings! I like reading books that are more fantastical as form of fun reprieve from the grinds of every–day life.

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