Liebster Blogging Award

liebstergreenI got nominated by my dear friend Larissa Dalton Stephanoff at for the Liebster award. Thanks Larissa! The award is to help people discover other great blogs and get people sharing. I’m suppose to answer 11 questions from my nominator, posted 11 random facts about myself, and give 11 new questions for my nominees. These are bloggers I read regularly so I’m happy to give a much–deserved shout out!

11 questions From my nominee:

  1. If you could be best friends with anyone, current or historical, who would it be? I love actress Melissa McCarthy from Identity Theft. I’ve seen interviews of her and I think we would be great friends, she is hilarious. 
  2. Coffee snob or tea–litist? I’m a lover of coffee, I wouldn’t say I’m a snob though, I can’t afford to be. I like it strong, sweet, black, with cream, on ice  – really it depends on my mood. I gave up coffee makers because of the plastic in them and use this awesome French Press instead.french
  3. Favorite workout? I LOVE wakeboarding and I’m calling it a workout because I’m not sure of ANY other activity that flexes every muscle in your body from start to finish. I also like swimming it comes in a close second, I grew up on a lake and am pretty sure I have gills.
  4. Favorite recipe? I have a killer vanilla white chocolate raspberry cake recipe, if anyone wants it, email me.
  5. Coolest place you’ve ever been. (Can be as extravagant as a tour of Europe or simple as the best hole–in–the–wall café ever). I took a 2  week trip to Aix, France to visit my wonderful and talented sister-in-Law Lacy. We traveled, ate great food, shopped awesome thrift stores in Paris, did photo shoots EVERYWHERE we went and had a blast. Pretty sure the trip rates my #1 more because of my travel partner than the location 🙂Casey Voight
  6. Why did you start blogging? Good question Larissa, I’m pretty sure I started blogging because you told me I should:) I’m glad you did, it has become very therapeutic and a place to stash thoughts.
  7. One thing that automatically makes you smile. Other people smiling at me:)
  8. Tell us one of your dreams or goals, why, and what you’re doing to pursue it. One of my goals is to write. I’ve started down a journey with my mother to write five novels. I’m doing it because, well why not? It’s called the Prophesy Series and Book One: The Dove is published and book two is in the works. Here is my book trailerThe Dove: Book One of the Legend Book TrailerI’m also working on a children’s book based off my childhood called Lizard Kid. rug
  9. Which do you  dislike most: emailing, texting or talking on the phone. Ah, all of it. Actually it depends on the person, I love sharing ideas and a lot of meaning gets lost/misconstrued through digital communication. Give me a face to talk to any day.
  10. Would you describe yourself as a thinker, communicator or doer and why?  So thinker and doer can’t go together? I’m very much a thinker, the gears don’t stop. But I’m also a doer, life is short why not do all the crazy stuff you dream up? For some reason I’ve always had this huge fire that burns under my a$$, so I’m equal part doer.
  11. Finish the sentence: If I could do anything with my life from this point forward, I would… Create freely, love passionately, raise a dreamer, beckon adventure, spread hope wherever I could, better the Earth wherever I could and die once I was really old – but only after saying “Okay, I got enough.” Wait did ‘anything’ mean only one?

11 Random facts about me:

1. At the age of 8 I thought if I did it long enough I could brush the curl out of my hair, I was wrong.

2. I don’t own a gun but I’m a  sharp shooter, I prefer rifles over shotguns.

3. My Great-Great Uncle was Stonewall Jackson.

4. I didn’t pass my first attempt to get my driver’s license because I drove off (two whole blocks) with the parking brake on. 

5. I love camping.

6. I punched a French guy in the face once for trying to drown me in a swimming pool.

7. I’ve seen a ghost, she was very nice.

8. I’ve done extensive research on the effects of plastics on the human body and am anti-plastic.

9. I have an unexplainable draw to old buildings, really… old anything.

10. I drink dirty martinis in honor of my Grandmother.

11.  I still wish on falling stars.

And finally, my nominees in no particular order:

Lacy Voight

Gwen Ratermann

Kevin Reape

Sarah Solomonson

Margie Brimer

Alton Bock

Katherine Lowry Logan 

Daniel Neff

Jon Simmonds

Questions for my nominees:

1. If you had to change your name what would it be?

2. As a child the one thing that scared you most?

3. If money were no object what would you do every day?

4. Favorite work of art and why?

5. Coolest award you ever received for a physical activity, (trophy, ribbon, rank etc.)

6. Your favorite quote.

7. If you were shipped off to a deserted island what are the three things you would take?

8. The worst scar you have and how you got it?

9. The worst thing you have ever tasted.

10. Your advice on Love and Life.

11. The happiest and the saddest word you’ve ever heard.

Dream Big and With No Excuses,

Cheers, Casey


4 thoughts on “Liebster Blogging Award

  1. I love the pic of you and Lacy! Also, your answer to #6 made me laugh. I think I just provided a tiny spark to something waiting for an outlet anyway.

  2. Hi Casey, love the answers to your question. Now on another award note, Inion and I have nominated you for “The Versatile Blog Award.” Just head on over to our blog for the details and congrats!

  3. Oh man, I missed the questions! sheesh! Well, poo on me…great post Casey.. You both look simply irresistable! Jeez…I missed answering the questions:(

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