A Place to Create

People of creativity need a place to create. Until recently I didn’t have a desk or space to write. In fact, as an artist and writer I didn’t have the necessary space to do either. My “office” was a play room that never got played in and a catch-all for the odd furniture of the house. I still don’t have my artist studio but I now have a place to write. It’s lovely, still full of odd furniture but now it’s inspiring. Behind the desk hangs photos of the pioneer stock from which I am proud to say I have come. Their stories have all lead to mine and they stand behind me as a blood line of strength. Whenever I’m feeling weak or like life is unraveling I look to them and recall their amazing stories, their inventive ingenuity, their tough spirits and it fills me.
If you read my post, 2013 The Year of No Excuses, then you will remember me mentioning that I was framing my theme for the year along with my favorite quote from Steve Jobs. Here is the proof they sit beside my desk. If you didn’t read the post you should, (wink wink.) Or you can scroll down and read the quote below.
Where is your creative space? I would love to see it.

{ Tweet me a photo of it @caseyvoight #creativespace. } really you should.

Dream Big and with No Excuses, Cheers Casey

steve jobs

3 thoughts on “A Place to Create

  1. Love what you did with the space! Amazing how different it is after moving all the toys. Cheers to many fruitful hours of writing.

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