The Next Big Thing

A really BIG THING – Just happened to me.

I was very thoughtfully nominated in The Next Big Thing  blog hop by author Andrew Toynbee (A Construct of Angels). I have to admit, getting nominated for this makes me blush a little, okay A LOT.


The Next Big Thing is part interview and part award, consisting of a series of questions about a writer’s latest work and how it came to be. Here is my interview answering The Next Big Thing questions. (My dear co-worker Larissa Dalton Stephanoff took the pictures.) I promise some eye candy if you get to the end!

stripWhat is the working title of your book? 
The Dove: Book One of the Legend, it is a five-part series. The books revolve around a Prophecy which involves five players, each represented within two ancient pendants that contain the five corresponding images: Dove, Mountain Lion, Sibahe’, Bear and Eagle.

What genre does your book fall under?  Fantasy-adventure but I hate leaving out the romance:)

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book? Oh I hate this question because I can’t even explain the book well in five sentences. If I had to it would have to be a run-on sentence: An old-world setting with a modern story, good vs. evil takes Natani, the Chiefs daughter, through an unknown journey of love, loss, sacrifice, demons, magic and her understanding of the Prophecy that she is tied to.

Where did you get the idea for your book?  I was headed into bed rest due to complications with pregnancy, I know no one wants to hear about this but it was serious so stick with me. I was to lay in bed ALL day except for 30 minute breaks about four times a day for one whole month. It was a freak of nature event, my body was supposed to be shutting down but it wasn’t, so I laid around waiting. It was rough. During this time my lovely mother, Barbara Wendleton, came to me, handed me a ratty notebook and said, “Here I want you to take this and make it awesome.” She had scratched out a rough outline of a story. This was not like my mom at all, so I was impressed that she had put this much effort into the outline. I figured I had a month of waiting around, surely I could at least get it ‘good’. Besides who would pass up a chance to write a novel with their mother, not this girl! My month-long bed rest ended after five days, but I had already committed to the story and there would be no turning back. My little dude, Will, came and despite being a whole month early was as healthy and perfect as could be.

Who or what inspired you to write this book? Well of course it was my mom. I couldn’t turn her down, don’t forget I just had a baby – I was going to need childcare. It’s not wise to piss off grandma in times like this. All joking aside, I couldn’t NOT do it, I believed in the story, I believed in the characters, I believed we could do it. It was going to happen, and it did. If you were to ask my mom what inspired her, she would say that she has always had a great respect for the Native American culture. Their stories of real life were just as fascinating and as magical as stories about hobbits, wizards and elves. She and I would agree that the Native American histories are amazing and the perfect inspiration.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? The duration of exactly: 1,241 baby naps, or roughly fifteen months.

What other books would you compare this story with in your genre? Well I guess I wouldn’t be able to. There is a shortage of Native American adventure stories, I’m not sure why, their lives at the basic root were similar to ours but much more fascinating. I like to write women with strong rolls this story follows Natani the Chiefs Daughter from naive adolescent to witty heroine.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Oh this is fun.

conan photocall 180711

COLBRYN – Cast by Jason Momoa


ADOETAE – Cast by Rick Mora


NATANI – Cast by Freida Pinto


CHIEF DURAN – Cast by Wes Studi

Pontotok - Cast by Joan Plowright

PONTOTOK – Cast by Joan Plowright

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?  I have not tried submitting query letters or attempting the publisher hunt. I didn’t want to waste the time and I knew I could figure it out on my own. Persistence and drive, baby!  I started my own publishing company this year call Haunt Publishing. I’m in marketing and my background is graphic design so I just went for it. I first published the ebook at and then the paperback arrived 12/12/12 ready for Amazon. It has been a great journey and I totally recommend self-publishing to anyone. The hardest part is figure out the business end of it, but hey I did it! Who knows what the future brings, but for now I’m really happy with the path I have chosen.

What else about your book might pique your reader’s interest? Well it is a modern story so don’t think your going to be reading a history book because nothing in the book is historical. I also filmed a booktrailer and I’d love you to watch it! My talented cast was AMAZING, I can’t wait to get book two done so I can film the next one.

Thank you my readers for taking part in the Next Big Thing Author Tour with me.

One of the reasons I got nominated for this award was because of starting the Megaphone Society for writers. It is a community of writers and authors who mutually support, critique and encourage one another. We are writers of all genres, levels of experience, authors who self–publish and those who go the traditional route. We are a new group and would love to have more members so check it out.


Now I get to pass along the TNBT baton.

I’m to nominate five writers and bloggers who inspire, entertain and motivate me on a weekly basis. Some are nominated for their passion, some their story, their grit and their realness.

Sarah Solomonson

Margie Brimer

Laura Miller

Dave Donahue

Mike Grant

And my co-worker hasn’t written a book but has a great blog about life and living healthy so check her out too. Larissa Dalton Stephanoff

Dream Big and With No Excuses, Cheers Casey


12 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing

  1. Great interview indeed! Your book trailer was one of the most well done I’ve yet to watch. Thanks for sharing some background with us 🙂 and of course, thanks for passing the torch this way! It’s going to be -20 this weekend, perfect for hibernating and writing my own NBT post.

    • What a great compliment! I loved filming it, it was such a fun day. You deserve the torch Sarah. 20 degrees plus you have mono, I’ll expect an in-depth NBT interview from you!

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  3. Awsome interview Casey! After reading the Dove, and seeing your choice of prospective actors for the movie, I hope that we see this on the big screen someday. I loved seeing your vision of what some of these interesting characters would look like! They look just like I would have imagined! I can’t wait for book two! “The Dove” is an awsome book!

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