6 Digits Baby!

I figured out how to get my paperbacks to join my ebooks on Amazon, (together at last). While doing that, I discovered I have an author page where I discovered my ranking.

That’s right I’m ranked.

Ready for this? Wait for it…drum roll


You’re looking at #431,776, haha! Geepers, that’s a lot of digits!


It’s really good though, just so happens, I like climbing really steep mountains. AND it just so happens book number two of the Legend series is, The Lion – for MOUNTAIN Lion, Booyah!


It is very humbling but that is not what has me so excited. In all of this snooping around I found I have 2 reviews. Two people took the time out of their busy day to write something about my book for everyone else to see. Heart and love to my two reviewers. You made my night!

I’m owning #431,776. I’m a little fish, okay a snail, in a giant sea but hey, at least I have a number. I’m on the board baby.

I have to go back to Amazon now and order some good hiking boots.

Dream Big with no Excuses, Cheers Casey


13 thoughts on “6 Digits Baby!

  1. Heya Casey, no worries, I was ranked at 750,000 at first last year in April and Ive climb….drum roll please….to 238,000…whoo hoo…! lol…Its a process….so they say….:)

    • You should feel good Mike, regardless of the number, because we actually have numbers and that’s a feat in itself. High Five! Plus apparently it gets updated hourly so I’d say we are climbing this mountain pretty side-by-side bud:)

  2. Hi Casey, we are new to your blog by way of mutual friend “Writing Pieces of Me” (Arlene). Congrats. Even placing on that mountain is a feat to be proud of and could only be achieved by someone with a great love and respect for the art. Once you reach the top, the journey will have made it worth the climb. Besides, we’ve always heard that there’s power in numbers baby! Looking forward to reading your future posts, and good luck with your book.

    • Hi Ginger and Natalie, Thanks for the comment and support! It has certainly been an exciting climb so far. One of the best parts is connecting with others that have that same drive. I was excited to see you are also a mother and daughter team, how exciting! I’m so happy you stumbled onto my blog. Hugs Casey

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