The Year of NO EXCUSES

Peace Out 2012. 2012

I’ve been putting off examining this past year. The thought of revisiting it seemed horribly exhausting and didn’t appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of major ups in 2012 of which I will end on, but, looking back has two faces. There is the good face of the past year and the bad, and you can’t look at one without also examining the other. For me, I see the bad and I am stuck face to face with it thinking ‘okay you showed your face in 2012 I don’t want you in ’13, so what am I going to do to keep you out?’ The answer is not an easy one.  If you’re like me, it faces us to come to realizations, to see patterns and to decide to change. Sometimes there is no easy fix for the bad and that same damn face appears in the review year, after year, after year. Sometimes it is easier to just absorb it into the everyday grind, because attempting to face it, challenge it, fix it, only causes us more problems, we make up excuses to just not deal with it and then we find ourselves cheating ourselves out of happiness.

Everyone has those irritating things that we find excuses for, things that we would love to change. For some, it’s better exercise and a healthier lifestyle, some it’s making time for hobbies that have long gone to the wayside, some want to have a better relationship maybe spend more time relaxing. Have you been saying these things for years now? I admit, some of mine, I have.  Each year starts with a focus, a determination in the back of my mind that I am ready to tackle head on. Then February arrives and that goal and focus is no longer in the forefront, the excuses begin. I don’t have enough; time, support, money, inspiration, etc. Been there and done that:)

(*Sigh* white flag appears,) I started to think, perhaps I won’t even make a resolution this year. I’ll only be let down. Are some of you saying that? Whah 😦

WHAT!?  My crazy rose-colored glasses side speaks up and bops me upside the head (I do love it when that happens). ‘NO’ it says, ‘your not that kind of girl, shame on you.’

You must always have a focus, no matter how great or small, focus is good.  The start of the year is a great time to start fresh with new-found inspiration.


I decided then that my theme for 2013 is;



I’m not positive what that looks like but it’s fairly self-explanatory. I’m not going to settle for excuses. It’s just that simple (or insanely hard). I have no specific goal just every goal I decide to tackle. My hope is to work towards a bad-face-free 2013. Just think of the possibilities and of how much we could get done if we only focus on not settling for excuses. This year could be insanely productive or kill me; but on this last night of 2012 I’m printing my theme off and framing it behind glass (because that’s more permanent than a post-it and it has got to last me all year.)

I ran into a quote from Steve Jobs, it really inspired me, (I LOVE IT), so I’m going to frame it too.

steve jobs

I look back and I am grateful for my family, friends and strangers that have come and always been in my life, they have tolerated and supported  me through an uncertain year of launching Haunt Publishing, officially becoming an author, finishing and published my first novel, starting my second, and launching the Megaphone Society for writers. I’m also on the verge of celebrating my 10 year anniversary working for the University of Missouri. It has been an epic year for me, I’m fortunate and blessed.  Thank you 2012, you’re dear to my heart, and thank you everyone that has been there with me. Cheers to an even better 2013!

DREAM BIG my friends, and with No Excuses 🙂 Hugs, Casey


5 thoughts on “The Year of NO EXCUSES

  1. Well said Casey. God has blessed me when I married Ronnie for I gained not only a husband but family that I can also call my best friends. Cheers to you doll and here is to 2013 where we can make even more memories together!

  2. Great Post Casey! I think this says it all, no excuses. There are some things that cannot be changed unfortunately but I think that thinking and working optimistically is the the best some can hope for. I wont lie, there are some things I cant change but to at least live with enthusiasm is something I can do. Thanx for your friendship, enthusiasm, creativity and honesty Casey. You inspire many of us! Dave

    • Thanks Dave, You are right, we can only be who we are, and strive to better that everyday. Optimism and enthusiasm = the wine of life:) Drink up! Thanks for your support this year you have been an inspiration as well! Casey

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