Shedding the Skin – Take away on the last day

Before I Go

I’ve been listening to all the end of the world chat and it really has me thinking. I’m not worried about the economy crashing. I’m not a prepper, I don’t have a stock pile of food. I’m equipped with my two hands and the ability to think so I’m not too worried about that. But all that being said, ‘what if’. What if we just don’t wake up tomorrow? What if everything I’ve done is all I’m ever going to do?

It puts life into a different perspective. It causes me to ask; what do I want to accomplish before I die (that is if the end is not tomorrow). Asking this question now, instead of waiting until I’m embarking on the eternal ghost ship, in a way, gives me a second chance. Had I not been forced to think and consider the, what if, of not having tomorrow, I wouldn’t have asked myself this question.

What do you want to accomplish?

If you can answer that then there is only one more question to ask

What are you waiting for?

Damn that’s a terrifying question because some of the answers are not easy. They cause me to face realities, to change my thoughts, to rearrange my dreams, to mourn, to wake up, to make stuff happen….to actually plan.

To die with a woulda – shoulda – coulda would be the worse feeling.

Today part of me is going to die. I’m shedding the old skin, life is too short and too precious to not be inspired and happy, and to NOT be asking these questions. It’s the first step to not wasting this life.

I’m not sure what the plan should be, but I’m going to work on making one. I’m going to face it. I’m going to commit it to paper. I’m going to make it REAL.

Thank you Mayans, thank you Nostradamus, thank you fortune cookie, your predictions have hit at a perfect time for me. In a roundabout way I feel like I was given a second chance.

God willing we all wake to a beautiful sunrise tomorrow and not take our days for granted.

Cheers and an extra hug, (incase we wake to fireballs instead) 🙂 Casey


2 thoughts on “Shedding the Skin – Take away on the last day

  1. Wow, that was so deep yet so real. I mean what if we all just dont wake up one day and thats the way it all ends. So, yea….I guess the old saying of “Live like theres no tomorrow is true or that song by INX with the lyric “All wev’e got is this moment” It really is all we have, Great post. Dave

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