REAL is Sexy

I am very much an old-fashioned girl at heart. I’ve never been up on technology unless I had to be for my job. I was the last person I know to have a smart phone and I don’t really even use a fraction of its capabilities. GPS is nice but I can read a map (okay so I tend to get lost a lot. So what, I love getting lost, especially when I’m by myself and don’t have to hear someone whine about it.)

It’s amazing what you’ll find when you veer from your destination.

For inspiration catching, I prefer my Mead notebook to my Mac Notebook any day. In the world of; instant this and instant that, information that is outdated minutes after its posted, programs with a million versions, etc., it can be exhausting. The plugged-in world that many of us live in seems so easily replaceable, uploadable, exchangeable, editable, that it loses something, something that makes it real. As someone who makes a living in marketing I struggle with the feeling of nothing ever being complete. There are always, changes, edits, new versions etc., day after day everything constantly updates, it never seems final.  I’ve realized something from this, something that has bothered me and taken a while to pin point, and that is:

The most terrifying and beautiful things in life are REAL.

Made that way by their ability to be destroyed.

I’m talking about the things that can break your heart, lift your soul, bring tears to your eyes – the things that have power to move you. I worked on The Dove: Book One of the Legend for three years and for three years it existed as a file with many versions on my computer. It didn’t knock the wind out of me until I sent it to the printer because THAT was FINAL. It made it REAL. If you think about this, we appreciate seasons because they change, with the death of winter there is birth within the Spring. We appreciate the sunset because it won’t be the same sunset tomorrow. Everyday we are older we can not go back and download a younger version of ourselves, there will be end. As with life, real things are not forgiving; paper and pen has no delete key, music when it is sung from a mouth instead of a radio will not be the same each time – and that is wonderful. Within these things there seems to be a transmitting of souls that takes place. The make up of who we are is exposed, on view, capturable by others. It’s terrifying and it’s the purist form of real. Why? Because when you don’t have the ability to hit the delete key or stop and upload another version, then you are staring at purity.

This is a roundabout way (much like my ability to veer from my destination) of pointing out my appreciation for the REAL.

My shipment of paperbacks arrived this week. Here is the play-by-play in case your curious how it went down (12/12/12 the Dove arrives).

Sexy book

They beautifully came on 12/12/12, all 626 lbs of REAL. I’m appreciating their tangibility, the smell of ink and the feel of paper, it’s sexy. That’s right I’m going there.

It’s final, no redo’s no character changes no new version coming out next month. We are very much the same way, real and final in all our differences.

Seek out the sexy and the real in your lives my friends.

Cheers, Casey


10 thoughts on “REAL is Sexy

  1. Hi Casey, I see you saying most people resist change in life. We want things to feel safe, certain, predictable. But what is not realized is that when you step outside that extraordinary things happen. Picasso believed that to create you must destroy. When that becomes personal fear steps in. In reality it is just the process of change. Congratulations on your video…books etc. See they did arrive on time…12 boxes…on 12/12/12….the signs of the Universe are loud and clear…SUCCESS!!!!
    Best wishes, Robert

  2. Casey,
    Congratulations on your book being finished.
    In your post you so beautifully articulate a concept that can be very abstract: what makes real things or live things so much better than the virtual or canned.
    If the writing in your post is any reflection of your book, I’m sure it is a very good read.

  3. I love this! I often struggle with this concept and often see parallels in my deep seated fear of commitment–when I open my mouth, or put ink to paper, it’s done, and I can’t take it back. I like this though–a much less anxiety provoking angle to view through!

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