12/12/12 The Dove ARRIVES!

I walked into my co-worker, Larissa’s, office and there outside the window, perfectly framed within the panes of glass, was the image of R&L Carrier – the shipping company that was bringing my paperbacks today! We immediately sprinted through the halls, hurdling over chairs and people, until we sprang out onto the campus. Our pursuit did not end there. After arriving at the abandoned semi I headed back through another set of doors hoping to track down the driver that held the key to my cargo.


Before running back inside, we paused to take this shot.

I found the mystery driver (we will call him Jeff) and practically tackled him with excitement.


Here he is wondering why we are taking pictures and filming him in action. (Yes there is a film, lol.)

These boxes had my name on them and that was really cool!



Here is Jeff unloading all 626 pounds of books onto the office floor.



Cutting into the first box! (Casey has an Exacto knife stand back. If you read 16 Doozies you know why.)





On 12/12/12 I received my first novel and it came in 12 boxes. Thank you to everyone that has come with me on this journey and helped make this a reality!

Cheers, Casey


11 thoughts on “12/12/12 The Dove ARRIVES!

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  2. Casey I’m so proud of you – and still simply amazed. I think there should be a special book signing next Friday… 🙂 YOU ROCK!

  3. Casey, I am so happy to see that your books are here. They look great! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to curl up next to the fire and read it!

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