Superpowers and Holes In Your Head

My son Will asked me this morning –

“Where’s the hole in your head where your superpowers come out of?”


The cutest superhero in my life.

At first this overwhelming warmth came over me, the innocence of a child is so amazingly beautiful.  I was totally thrilled he thought I had superpowers, what mom wouldn’t? But then –  I actually had to answer him. I was suddenly struck with conflicting thoughts. Do I explain that there aren’t superpowers that come from our heads?  No, I couldn’t because I don’t actually believe that statement. Was he envisioning lasers or the ability to move things with your mind? I’m not sure. I started thinking about this.

There are many people whose minds and hearts have inspired, motivated, cheered, and saved me along the way. These people are my real life superheroes, and sadly most don’t know that they are. Their power is the fact that they are themselves, whether it be their talent, their words, their compassion or simply their ability to listen. Everyone has superpowers within them. Forget the cape, these people don’t hide behind spandex masks they are disguised as real life people (much more mysterious). My response to Will: “Superpowers come out when you need them, there isn’t a hole in your head, they just emanate from you.” But then I had to explain what emanate meant – which was even harder.

Oh, the joys of motherhood:)


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