Book Signings, Baseball and Squirrel Doodles

My first book signing was an epic event. I stood in line longer than I’ve stood in line for anything my entire life. It got me thinking that if I ever have a book signing and am lucky enough to actually have people stand in line I’m totally serving treats – and massages. After FOUR hours of waiting in line I was becoming intolerant of – everything.

Who did I wait four hours to see, you might be asking?

Former Cardinals baseball coach, Tony La Russa baby!

Tony La Russa Book Signing

Notice the giant line still after me.

His book, One Last Strike, sold out of not only the MU bookstore but the entire city of Columbia. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? I worried that after four hours of signing his name I would be met by a temperamental bleeding nub of a hand, but he was super sweet. I even got him to draw this for me.


One says “Mine – Tony” and the other says “Yours – Casey”. I wanted him to draw the rally squirrel but he traced mine instead. What a cool guy. He even has a cool looking signature  – even if it does look like Tim bFuses IV. Thanks Tony!



One thought on “Book Signings, Baseball and Squirrel Doodles

  1. What a cool book signing experience! I love when local folks take the time and remain pleasant throughout such a long day. I have a bandana with the squirrel that currently hangs over the back of my office chair, just to keep Missouri close by!

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