16 Doozies

In my research I’ve learned that if you talk about one topic too much you will bore people. As a lover of the unique, I can’t stand boring. All of this has made me rethink the content I am sharing. I thought for this post I’d go back to something I should have posted in the beginning, and that’s a little information about me as an introduction. We are friends after all, connected through the pixels and webisphere of this not so small world.  I had fun thinking about this, I came up with some real doozies.

Since today is the 16th, here are 16 interesting things you may not know about me.

1. My favorite video game is Big Buck Hunter, (Not the Safari One) I would challenge anyone to a whitetail shoot off:)

Casey Voight Big Buck Hunter

One shot or get out of the woods.

2. I tore out my knee (ACL) in High School sliding into third base and didn’t even beat the throw. Broke my hand playing basketball. Destroyed both ankles in high school track triple jump and caught a baseball with my eyebrow causing serious stitches. I am injury PRONE when it comes to sports – or just reckless however you look at it. Because of this I have a really high tolerance for pain.

3. I really enjoy manual labor, and I can make anything.

4. My favorite poem of all time is Burning Driftwood by John Greenleaf Whittier.

5. I have three really cool invention ideas but not the funds to develop them.

6. I’d love to be dropped off in some remote area with nothing but a book of edible plants for the region, a needle and a sharp hatchet just to see if I could make it.

7. I started an online community where writers of all kinds can get support from each other, it’s called The Megaphone Society and YOU should join.

8. I recycle EVERYTHING I can.

9. I dream in color and can sometimes control my dreams.

10. Out of all the colors I am most drawn to the color orange.

11. I have an extensive collection of casket boxes from the turn of the century. They are a specific kind of jewelry, glove and spectacle box that men would give their love interests. Each symbolically decorated with images, mostly flowers, each representing a love story from long ago and a time of chivalry.

12. I can rap word-for-word three Eminem songs – Not Afraid, Love the Way You Lie and Space Bound:)

13. I love sitting alone in the woods.

14. Favorite car: 1979 steel-blue, Corvette Stingray with T top.

15. Well designed houses have been known to bring tears to my eyes with their beauty.

16. I will eat anything, but I can’t stand meatloaf.

Well that’s just a little about me. Anybody share these interests? Happy Friday everyone, may your weekend be inspirational, fun and memorable. Cheers, Casey


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