Halloweeeeeen Wishes, Don’t Get Sued!

There is something about the mischievous, the ornery, the creepy and odd that is intriguing. I just love it, which is why I just love Halloween. It’s a one day excuse to transform, to deck the house out in spider webs, skulls and oddities and hide in the bushes to scare the pants off little children.

Okay I don’t do that last part but I think about it each year. Part of me wants to be the house that all the little kids want to go to because it’s literally glowing with Halloween excitement but there is a reason I don’t.  The year we first moved into our house a kid came to our door to trick or treat with her dad and she fell on our stairs and got her knee all bloody. I watched it happen and instead of the father helping the kid up he said “Hope you have good insurance” I thought never again and our house has sat dark on Halloween every year since. It’s sad that it takes one asshole to ruin something. Instead, I throw a wild party for adults days before and clearly post enter at your own risk.

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So for this Halloween, I hope a safe and lawsuit-free day for you all! Hugs, Casey


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