Packaged, Launched and Waiting to Send You Artwork

Casey Voight Ebook The Dove: Book one of the Legend available nowWell my posts are primarily focused on stumbling through self-publishing, and stumbled I HAVE. So It’s nice to have something positive to show for it as I made a huge step forward last week. I GOT MY EBOOK PUBLISHED! The Dove: Book One of the Legend is now available here at

Casey Voight Book Cover, The Dove: Book One of the Legend

This has made me think even more about online outlets for selling ebooks. Has anyone else had good luck selling their ebook through any bookstore sites? Booktango will give you 100 percent of every dollar sold through the Booktango bookstore and 100 percent of net royalties when you make a sale through any of their retail partners. I thought this sounded pretty good but you only get paid quarterly. This is okay but I’m dying to know if and when I sell anything.

Which brings me to my WILDLY COOL IDEA:)

I’m going to do a promotion, an added incentive…it’s actually more like a mega thank you since I can’t reach through this screen and hug each and every person that gets my book. (Pause for unknown fact about me: I’m a hugger), I’d be hugging you right now just for reading this if I could (insert squeeze).  So here’s what I propose, for everyone that buys my ebook and sends me the order confirmation along with a name and address I will mail you a signed and numbered hand crafted print by yours truly as a sincere thank you. It’s going to be themed off The Dove so if you like the book you’ll love the print. I am an artist so don’t be too scared! In fact, I have a whole gob of acrylic paintings on my website (gallery) so check em out. The print I will send out will be a watercolor print. You can send the confirmation to my email

Please comment if you have had good luck with any online bookstore site.

Hugs to you all! Casey


7 thoughts on “Packaged, Launched and Waiting to Send You Artwork

  1. Congrats!! I have never heard of Booktango before and will have to check it out. I know that Amazon isn’t really a bookstore site per se, but, I’m a huge fan. So far I am pro KDP. I didn’t do anything to advertise that my book was available for free 2 days after it went live other than tweet it one time…and I “sold” 145 copies. Those copies pushed me higher in the rankings and put my book in the “those who viewed…also viewed these books” lists. I like that booktango lets you keep 100% of your profits, but for me, until I have that coveted readership I’m just fine keeping 70% to have my book displayed on such a big retailer. Then again…it’s only been a week and a half, what do I know! 🙂

  2. Book purchased and reading has commenced. Very, very, very proud of your Casey. From one artist to another–congratulations. Seeing your work in final form does one thing: makes you wish you’d have changed just a little more! 😉 It’s perfect–I’m sure I’ll see you on the NYT Bestseller list before the year’s end!

    • Casey, definitely look into Kindle’s publishing program. Its done wonders for me and The Sunshine Murders is slowly but surely moving along well. Congrats Casey…your book will take off given the right push! Dave

    • You are too kind Tanner! I agree, it is SO hard to stop obsessing over our work and just let it be. To say it’s final is a beautiful thing though and the parts that could have been ‘just a little more’, well those I think get written into the next book/album, and so, it must always continue:)

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