Stress makes for exciting times! Here I am standing on campus trying to recruit a last-minute missing link in my chain of actors for Saturdays book trailer filming. My back up to my back up fell through, and I’ve contacted six potential back ups to those back ups and have fallen short each time. As I get more desperate I find I’m willing to stoop to new lows. Here I am with my student designer Chrissy, she is making the face that I feel inside. We are standing outside the Rec center trying to recruit the last guy. Unfortunately, we only had 20 minutes to stand there and in that 20 minutes only a hand full of mostly females walked by. We got some laughs, got some looks but that’s about it. One girl stopped and said she knew a Taylor Lautner look-alike so I exuberantly handed out my number but have yet to have any calls. Call me Taylor Lautner look-alike!

I don’t know why actor searching is  so difficult, I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me to be in a movie. Perhaps I will try the sign at Walmart and see what I get – okay never mind that’s taking it too far! Or is it? Well this blog is mostly about the struggles of self-publishing and though this is not a wildly informative or intriguing post it is head on the topic today. The show must go on even if it is horrible weather, one bear warrior and a couple of helpers short.


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