Support = Glitter For Your Soul

Todays post is about support. Support is huge to me. There are always those people in your life that are there for you no matter what. These people are usually few and far between but for me these people are the bees knees. They could be the people who are there when you need a last-minute babysitter, the ones that smile and say ‘how can I help’, or the ones that message back with a positive comment.

Whenever you step out on a creative journey the end is obviously unknown. I have set off on many of these journeys and it usually starts with someone (sometimes even close family members that I love), rolling their eyes or looking at me like I just sprouted another head. ‘Oh Jeez, where do you come up with this stuff?’ I hate those ten words when they are spoken in that order. I always want to respond with ‘the part of my brain that you didn’t get born with.’ But I don’t, I just secretly deflate.

Then there are those rockstars of life, I think of them as the glitter in my soul. They may be old friends and communicate only on Facebook, they may be family members, they may be co-workers, whoever they are, they are supportive. These are the people who would respond with ‘Hell yeah, that’s a great idea.’ Sometimes you just need to know that someone else out there believes in you and the more people who believe in you, the less you have to tell yourself, “Im going to do it because ( fill in name here ), has doubt in me”. I know we all seek that support and our souls shine more when we get it.

Today recognize those people in your life that have been your glitter. Because it’s not always easy to be supportive. It takes effort sometimes. It takes sacrifice sometimes. So thank those that are in it to see you succeed.

If you need some support I will try to do what I can to send you a little glitter, just let me know. And to my little group of followers, I shine a little more because of you.


2 thoughts on “Support = Glitter For Your Soul

  1. Well, I know you heard me in the next office, but I’ll write it anyway: this just made me laugh several times. What DO you come up with this stuff (i.e. “the part of my brain that you didn’t get born with” and “glitter in my soul”) 😉 Too funny. This just added a solid dose of glitter to my day!

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