Don’t judge a book by its cover, we have all heard the saying but the reality is, people do. I’m guilty of it, I admit. I think a cover needs to do three main things. First it needs to grab viewers attention, it needs to stand out from all the others to get noticed.  Secondly, it needs to  clearly communicate the important information like title and author, duh.  And lastly, it needs to visually represent the story it is wrapped around. To me there is nothing worse than a generic cover that looks completely removed from the story – but I’m a graphic designer so that should bother me. I have a hard time browsing the bookstore and NOT critiquing the covers. Don’t judge me, I know what your thinking! Instead, judge my covers:)

After many ideas and spending many late nights I have narrowed the cover design down to five options. So now the tables are turned I ask that you critique my covers. Please pick out the parts you like, pick out the parts you don’t like. I want to hear your thoughts. My website, has five designs to choose from. PLEASE VOTE THERE AND LEAVE COMMENTS ON THE COVER YOU LIKE BEST. 

Hugs and good vibes to all that help me out on this. Have a GREAT weekend!


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