Time, Projects and Goals

Okay am I the only one that has an insanely hard time finding time? I know I’m not, but I feel like such a procrastinator. A procrastinator puts off things because they don’t want to do them but that’s the opposite of how I’m feeling. Yet despite this, I am not moving forward because it doesn’t fit into my schedule. Between the hurdles of life, motherhood, work, and the fact that every little step forward seems to take months to do, I feel like it is taking me forever to get anywhere! So here I am, the book is done and I am making a commitment to getting it out there and this is my plea for some accountability. Self-publishing here I come! If I say I’m going to focus, regardless of how hard, then I have to live up to my word. To all of you out there that have ever had a project, dream, desire that has been put on the back burner time and time and time again, dig it out right now and lets focus. Goal One: Come up with goals.



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