My not so new passion of writing

Two and a half years ago I was headed into bed rest while 8 months pregnant with my son. It was not something I was looking forward to as I have a hard enough time sitting still for a two hour movie let alone for days upon days. That is about the time my mother came to me with an idea of a story she had been working on. It was rough and basic and scribbled out in a ratty spiral notebook. “I want you to take this and make it awesome” she said to me. At first I was a little surprised unsure what “awesome” would entail. I had weeks of nothing but lying on my back ahead of me so I figured I could get at least “good” hammered out in that amount of time. I was intrigued that my mom had actually devoted the time to write out a storyline. I have to admit this was a little out of character for her, but I was proud of her for doing it. After reading the story I found it had potential and was excited to have a project that we could work on together. Don’t all girls want to write a novel with their mom? I did! And so, Prophecy: The Dove: Book One of the Legend was born. My month-long bed rest actually only ended up being a week before Will was tired of lying around (he gets it from me) and decided he was ready to be a part of this world. By that time I had already accepted the book challenge with full devotion and there would be no stopping. Writing is the perfect thing to do during the many nap times a newborn–toddler needs.

It has been two and half years of free time and weekends but now I can officially say book one is done. The story is a five part saga dealing with growing up, love, betrayal, demons, loss, magic and the “what ifs”. If you have stumbled onto my site I am THRILLED. Welcome and visit me often. Soon I will post excerpts from the book, artwork and my frustrating journey through self-publishing.


4 thoughts on “My not so new passion of writing

    • Rachel, You are the FIRST person to write to me after announcing my book is finished, you are instantly my biggest fan! Thanks for the comment and seriously, hugs to you! Casey

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